Burning Man 2000 Supersnail Camp

Supersnail camp had a great time at Burning Man 2000! Lots of amazing people had their photos taken. It took many months and oodles of work by a bunch of people for the Supersnail Burning Man 2000 Portraits to come to life on the web, but at last the photographs are here.

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Burning Man 2000 Portraits

2000 Supersnail Camp Members:
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Photos were taken by Julian unless stated otherwise. Photoshopping, web programming, coordinating and such.
Supersnail Website
Art Director and Editor. Supersnail greeter. Photoshops photos. Helps design and coordinate many aspects of Supersnail camp.
Supersnail Website
A great photographer, designer, cook, and protector. Master of changing appearances. Many great photos on Supersnail are of Randal.
Frozen Hot Website
Super hard working Supersnail greeter. All around sweet and wonderful person.
Llyra Website
Spiral Girl
Single handedly got the great Dr. Megavolt and Water boy to come by for a shoot. Greeter, moral support, Elvis impersonator and much more.
SpiralGirl and SpiralBlog and TotalDiva
Greeter, builder, problem solver, moral support, creater of truck loads of laughter.
Sebbo Website
Greeter, ticket maker, reporter, and NIN advocate.
Julia Website
SuperScout. Helped make tickets. Has more friends they anybody else on earth. Check out here websites!
SaranWarp and shutterbug.org
Greeter, builder, and helper. "Eat me I'm chinese".
He typed in all the forms that everybody filled out at Burning Man. This is one of the hardest parts of the project. Love him.
Lazy Bastard Website
Moral support from the home front.
Free BSD, domain, web server, and network lad. Rubs his eyes like a marmoset when he's tired.
Supersnail greeter.
(photo missing) All around support. Helped cook, build, and break down things.
Kwai website

Sara and Lori built many signs and did lots of the prep work for Burning Man 2000.

Lori and Sara built many signs and did lots of the prep work for Burning Man 2000.

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Burning Man 2000 Portraits